LSM-7778 Sidewall Stitcher

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LSM-7778 Sidewall Stitcher

 When we decided to spec out our sidewall machine we needed the unit to be properly engineered  that said, we opted to doing a 2 pc head design vs a lower quality 1 pc design. Unlike most Italian McVal sidewall stitchers, that uses air to lift the foot & comes in 220v we needed our machine to be 110V and utilize an electric foot lift  

Like every machine in our Micro Factory Collection, our machines are specifically designed to be energy efficient, smaller footprint & fewer moving parts  

if you’re looking to do small batches of custom sneakers and want to save your hands and value time, our 7778 Sidewall Stitcher might be a great edition to your arsenal of machinery  


750W Servo Motor w/Auto Needle Positioning System

2 pc Head Design

(Compared to cheaper competition)

Built-in LED Light

Electromagnetic Lift for ease of use

XL bobbin rotary hook

A must have to finish your soles