Iron On Backer - Light

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Even though this might NOT be our top, it's a very good option for Medium to Heavy leather that has a softer hand.

There's nothing worse then having a leather that is lifeless and has no structure.  Some inexpensive upholstery leathers usually are the best candidate for this backer but is some cases we've used our light backers on Horween Leather that is just too oily and needs that added stiffness for making a sneaker.

Simply, block your leather & backer together, iron on the backer using an iron or heat press & within 10-15 seconds you have a perfect chemical bond.

This is a must have if you're looking to separate you customs or sneakers from the rest of the world. 

If you're tired of having your leather too flexible on your quarters, we highly recommend this backer for light leather. 

If you're using a Medium weight leather, we recommend using our Iron On Backer - Medium product instead of this Light option.