In 2015, we approached ALL the major machinery manufacturers throughout the world to help us build more affordable and smaller sized machinery line. "The FUTURE OF FOOTWEAR is MICRO FACTORIES" is what we told them and they laughed and said "CUSTOMIZERS" and "SMALL STUDIO FACTORIES" would NEVER happen. That very next day we started our journey to DESIGN, ENGINEER and MANUFACTURE the BEST FOOTWEAR MACHINERY ON THE MARKET at the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE. In 2020 we accomplished our goal and started to sell and help customizers & studios build their brands from the ground up.


Most machinery dealers have NEVER spent a day in a footwear factory, but since 2008 we have built and imported our own specialized machinery into the US because very few dealers understood our factory needs.


If you're in the Los Angeles area or simply want us to give you a virtual demo, please feel free to reach out directly via email to schedule your in-person or virtual demo.