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Pig Suede (Black)-Counter Pocket


Pig Suede (Black)- Counter Pocket

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Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price: $20.00

Pig Suede Counter Pocket

  • Pig Suede Counter Pocket


These days, most companies don’t use a counter pocket and if they do, it’s made out of some synthetic crap that does not create the proper traction in the heel. A counter pocket is meant to keep your heel from moving while walking.

If made with the proper suede and used with our HEEL COUNTER, it makes your custom that much nicer for your client to enjoy your work of art.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive counter, but need a counter pocket suede to finish off your custom, then this is a great option.

Size: Square footage varies, but a full hide averages 8-12 pairs counter pockets. A half hide averages 4-6 pairs of counter pockets.

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