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LASCO - Footwear Resource Club


LASCO - Footwear Resource Club

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Our goal is to give everyone in the Club a greater understanding of the footwear techniques and materials used in our factory. After 8 years of countless mistakes with glues, materials and pattern engineering errors, we decided it is better to share the information to help create a more stable footwear community, then allowing the big guys to dominate the industry.

We can all agree the sneaker & footwear industry has lost a lot of magic and creativity that it once had. So it is up to you, the "Up and Coming" footwear crafters to take the industry to the next level of innovation.

We know that this Club will not be a 100% solution for everyone, but we will do our best to guide each member to prevent costly mistakes & agony when crafting your own footwear.

So what actual supplies does the club get you? It gives you access to purchase:


Specialty Lasts, Patterns, Leathers (designed for footwear), Speciality footwear fabrics (Uppers), Glues (Uppers and Outsoles), Speciality Chemicals (Protecting & Cleaning), Reinforcements, Tapes, Foams (Lining & Outsole), & Tools.


Note: All Glues and Chemicals we sell are industrial grade.

You will need to sign a document acknowledging the risk of using these industrial grade chemicals before we can validate your membership. If you don't sign and return the document within 14 business days after payment, your membership will be canceled.