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J1 Practice Kit - Gunmetal


J1 Practice Kit- Gunmetal

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J1 Practice leather kit recon

  • J1 Practice leather kit recon
  • J1 Practice leather kit recon



We have been trying to find a way to help customers get their hands dirty and evolve their skills, but also understand a lot of anxiety some of you have when buying J1 Kit. You don’t want to make mistakes on good leather until you get comfortable. With that said, we figured a Practice Kit would be the best solution.

So what the hell is a practice kit?

Well, it’s a kit with Custom Italian GunMetal foil leather, iron backing reinforcement, foams, heel counter & patterns.

For the past few weeks, we have worked with our tanneries to find the most cost effective leather that has been split down to similar thickness, as the J1 Royal Kit, so you can practice your cutting, pre-fit, and even practice your lasting (if you already have our J1 last).

Like all of our leather, this special GunMetal foil leather is direct from Italy and quite honestly is insanely nice! We know for a fact NO ONE has seen this type of leather in the United States. We worked a great deal with the tannery on a few colors and will be passing on the savings to you. We did order a limited run, so when it’s gone it's, gone

If any of you want to do short runs in various sizes or full sizes runs, let us know so we can help you coordinate on shipping costs.

Club members have access to video instructions. To purchase a Club membership, click on this link LASCO Footwear Resource Club

Link to the J1 Kit Video tutorial