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Universal Runner Last - International


Universal Runner Last - International

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Universal Runner Last - International


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We started to develop this last back in 2014, but seeing that the running shoe market wasn't as strong as it is today, we never really released a LASCO running shoe, let alone a last to the CLUB.

Over the years we collected boxes and boxes of test lasts and reference shoes, nothing looked at really fit or looked the way we wanted.

As most runners are made from synthetic or cheap pig suede, we knew we had to develop a last that was not only comfortable, but could be used for high end Italian leather and still allow for a sockliner/insole.

This Universal runner last if a great option to cut your cost from buying multiple lasts and keep your studio clean from bulky lasts.

If you decide to make your custom utilzing a donor sole, chances are you might use a boost sole. 

That said, BOOST soles DO NOT have an actual insole, so if you're going to be hand lasting your upper on a lasting board, it's NOT going to be comfy.

The great part of the Universal Last is we discovered it actually fits most BOOST Soles!

We have a ton of new pattern options set for 2018, but if you have been looking for a great Universal last, this might be the most cost effective option in the industry.

Like everything we do, if it's not right, we don't put it out, so after 3 years, it's ready

NOTE: Sizing reference is comparable to NMD R1