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About Lasco


With a background in the apparel business, Greg Salas reconnected to his roots of manufacturing apparel in Los Angeles after he had been laid off from his job in 2008. The reality hit hard that the U.S. and world economy was much worse than the media was portraying when the majority of manufacturing contracts Greg had from 1997 were forced to shut their doors forever due to competition overseas. Only but a few remained, which turned out to be all that he needed to get back into the business.

At that time a small sneaker company approached Greg to help them put together an apparel collection to expand their business. Upon finishing the completion of this collection, the idea cam to Greg to make footwear in the USA for this small sneaker company. The only problem from doing his research was the high price, so this company decided to pass on the deal.

The inspiration for the brand came at that moment to launch LASCO: a shoe company that was Designed, Machined, Supplied and Manufactured 100% in the USA.

Over the course of 3-1/2 years, LASCO has struggled to launch the brand, but even with numerous delays on machines ordered, fit concerns, and workforce, the uncompromising commitment to quality was never overlooked.

LASCO is now finally ready for the general public and it's not because of Greg, it is because of everyone involved in the process that made this project possible.

A "thank you" is beyond deserving to our CAD designer, mold maker and molder, Horween Leather, hardware manufacturer, lace manufacturer, foam manufacturer, glue manufacturers, machine manufacturers and suppliers, pattern maker, leather cutters, photographer, production manager and factory workers... the list goes on and on, but we truly appreciate everyone's help with allowing us to release a shoe uncompromised in quality and MADE IN AMERICA.