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About Lasco


Just as we vowed to only use the finest materials for LASCO, the workmanship is another aspect of our shoes we will NEVER compromise. Like any great fitting shoe, we spent over two years developing and testing the fit of the shoe to ensure it could be worn by a variety of feet, from narrow to wide.

After finalizing the fit for LASCO shoes, we wanted to set ourselves apart, always keeping the customer in mind by crafting a last that remains consistent among all of our designs. We are taking the guesswork out of shoe fit from style to style, so if you're size 10 in the Haggerty, you'll be a size 10 in the Del Mar.

As most shoes made today are left with a raw edge, we wanted our shoes to stand alone or at least on the same shelf as a dress shoe. This is why we fold every edge. Folded edges not only take twice as long to sew, it also takes a great deal of skill to ensure every fold is clean and crisp.

Every detail of our construction has been tested in various combinations to ensure our customers can enjoy the workmanship of the old world era for years to come.

We understand the importance of a hard earned dollar and items like a belt, a wallet that has been by your side, or even your shoes that have walked on your path over the years. There's a special connection with these items and we understand it would be tough to part with an item like that, even if it's seen better days. With LASCO shoes, you don't have to worry about parting ways with the shoes that you love the company of. You will be able to send back your tired shoes so we can resole them, give them new insoles for that extra spring in your step, and clean and polish them to bring out the beauty that made you fall in love the first day the two of you met.

We appreciate you taking the time to read and understand a little about us, but we also like to hear from you and the stories or memories you had while wearing LASCO shoes. Please send us an email at MyStory@lasco.us.