If big shoe brands want consumers to “print” their uppers at home one day, there’s still a need for education to finish these uppers into  actual shoes. Our goal is to help the industry educate & give consumers the skills they need to make their own sneakers. Empower aspiring shoe makers with the proper education to design smarter footwear that uses less resources and energy when their designs are eventually manufactured. Lastly, give the average sneakerhead the skills they need to create their own grails or “print” & finish their uppers at home.

From this education, the footwear industry can evolve and thrive with a greater understanding on the engineering and construction that goes into a sneaker and stay mindful to conserve resources for the future of footwear.


In the past 12 years of physical manufacturing and sneaker development, we have learned a lot over the years.   Today after great planning and structure, we are finally ready to share this knowledge with our students.

If you turn on any news source, you will always hear about how we need to do more to help domestic manufacturing here in the USA.  The reality is that without an infrastructure, manufacturing can NOT exist. 

That said, we knew if wanted to help individuals & brands manufacture their sneakers, we would have create an infrastructure that would not only support them, but be affordable as well.

LASCO has set out and accomplished just that.  We have streamlined our supply chain to only carry items that are the same quality or in most cases better than the materials used by OEM sneaker manufacturers.  From sneaker patterns, lasts, leather, components to even glues, we have spent years & thousands of hours testing everything we carry and use in our own custom make sneakers.

So what exactly do we do?


If you’re looking to create your own custom OEM sneaker or Luxury OEM sneaker, we offer a 5 day class that covers everything you will need to learn to make your own sneaker in our classroom & factory setting.  After completing the class, you will have a deep insight on how to manufacture your own creations in the comfort of your person studio and micro factory setting.


Over the past 12 years, we have seen a lot of sewing machine shops that sell machinery, but almost all of them don’t know how to construct a shoe, let alone tell you how to operate the machine.  After years of frustration of buying machines from photos and operation manuals, we decided to manufacture machinery to USA specs and for smaller brands with smaller budgets.


In 2016, we presented the idea of Micro Sneaker Factories to European machine manufacturers and distributors years ago, only be laughed at, telling us that “small shoe factories and customization would never be a thing.”  Today, we are happy to announce that we not only have accomplished building specialized shoe machinery, but we made them affordable and can be used in a studio or garage setting.  If you’re in the LA area and want to look at our in stock machinery, please schedule an appointment, by sending us an email at greg@lasco.us or call us at 310-817-0640