Most sneaker schools on the market today are designed to do 1 thing… make money and exploit the industry.  For us, we believe that classes need to be small so we can give the proper attention to our students throughout the learning process.  We want each student to now only walk away with the best possible experience, but retain what they learned in the class.

That said, we decided on a MAXIMUM class size of 12 students.  If a class books with only 5 students, we still teach the class.  Our goal is to give each student the experience of private class & still make it affordable.


As most classes are focused on getting the students IN and OUT, our approach is a little different to help our students retain what they are taught. We have had so many individuals that come to us from other sneaker schools and comment that they felt like they didn’t walk away with any real skills to be successful at sneaker making.

All standard SNKR SCHOOL classes are 5 days and we offer an optional 6th day, for students that need more time to understand the process and/or request constructive feedback on their work.

We understand that taking this course is a life changing moment and in some cases a career change for some individuals.  That said, we offer the 6th day so we can work with students to help them improve and overcome any manufacturing techniques that may be difficult for them.


Learning and understanding how sneakers are manufactured is not something that can not be mastered in a week.  That said, the first few days of the class, we spend larger amounts of time on giving our students a solid understanding of the basic fundamentals with time saving tricks and tips.

Factory Machinery

We want to teach our students exactly how we constructed our sneakers in our own production.  Each student will get to use and experience factory style machinery to get the best possible understanding of how factories produce their footwear.  That said, we provide alternate solutions to achieving the best way to make a sneaker WITHOUT all the expensive machinery.

By allowing our students to use and experience the correct machinery, it will prepare them to know when they need to implement that machine into their operation or micro factory as they scale their skills.


Analytical Skills

Whether you’ re cutting, pre-fitting your upper or finishing your shoe, it’s important that students hone their analytical skills to improve their sneakers.  In our class, we teach students to analyze their work to understand what materials and leathers work best to give your designs an OEM look and construction.

Most Sneaker Customizers on the market today, don’t understand the correct direction to cut their leather, how to properly back their leather to prevent panels from stretching (making their upper fit sloppy), how to skive lapping seams (prevent “X-Ray” of underlying leather), the correct glues to use for on soles…the list goes on and on.  Throughout each step of the manufacturing process, we guide our students so they walk away with the analytical skills needed solve problems they experience rather then saying “that’s good enough.”


Resource Center

After our students complete the course, we understand their will always be questions.  To further reinforce the course, we provide our students access to our online RESOURCE CENTER, where they can revisit techniques and learn additional techniques as their need for knowledge increases with their skills.

The best analogy would be restoring the paint on an old car.  It takes hundreds of hours to prepare the body before the car can be painted.  Painting the car itself can be done in a day, but finishing the paint after it dries and the preparation that lead to painting is a slow process.

Much like painting an old car, there’s a lot of pre-fit (process of prep before you stitch your upper) and understanding of how to prepare your leather, materials and handle your upper before you can master the Art Of Manufacturing a sneaker.


As mentioned previously, it’s impossible to master the art of sneaker making within a week.  Knowing this, we offer students access to our online tutorials to help guide and reinforce their learning. 

For example, if you took the J1 class, you will have access to the online tutorials to help reinforce and guide you when you begin making your own custom J1 at your studio, lab or micro factory. 

We encourage students to take notes throughout the class as an additional form of positive reinforcement.  Like any skill, the more you do, the easier it gets to become instinctive.