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About Lasco


When we originally set out to source all the materials for LASCO, we vowed to only use the finest materials in the world. After waiting and then testing the materials we ordered from all over the world, we realized that the need to source domestically not only seemed to make the most sense, it also deemed to be the most difficult and expensive at times.

As more and more of the USA supply chain manufacturers started to close up shop around the US in the past 10 years, we felt the need to do what little we could to help keep these manufacturers in business or at least optimistic.

Our commitment to ONLY sourcing domestically from the leather we use down to sewing thread, we feel it is important to not only support other USA businesses, but to show other businesses that using an American supply chain is possible if you make an honest effort to find the suppliers they need.

LASCO uses Horween Genuine Leathers not only because of their rich 100+ year history, but because they take the extra care and steps to insure that every hide that leaves their tannery carries the same commitment to quality as the day they started in 1905.

"We should take the best of everything; the best hides, the best oils, the best dyes and finishes - then we need to do whatever it takes to make that leather the best." - Isadore Horween - Master Tanner and Founder

From looking at LASCO shoes, you may not see the hundreds of hours we have spent testing and sourcing every part of our shoes, but we do know you will notice the uncompromised quality that goes into each pair we produce.

It is our continued commitment to always use US companies in building everything we product and we hope you share our commitment when you consider buying our products.